Stem Cells and CPIf you or your child has been through some kind of traumatic event — it could conceivably be a particularly distressing medical or therapeutic procedure — UCLA researchers may have just the prescription. REM sleep. If this intrigues you you can read more by clicking this link.

This is fine & good for dealing with bad memories but what about a physical infirmity? If you have a child with CP then you likely are very well acquainted with the plethora of therapies there are that help various aspects of this condition. Stem cells? You’ve read a lot, no doubt. Maybe your child has had some form of stem cell therapy — perhaps umbilical cord stem cells. Maybe you are intrigued but confused or uncertain about the use of stem cells from a person’s own fat and bone marrow. Is this safe for a child? Does it work better than cord blood stem cells? Why might stem cell rich bone marrow beat out fat in treating CP? Why do some children get stem cells and show improvements while others do not? What drugs and supplements interfere with stem cells? Which ones enhance stem cell activity? All legitimate questions and concerns. If you want answers to these and others you really need to talk with a physician who also is a stem cell expert. The trouble is there are not that many engaged in clinical practice (Most are university researchers.) One practicing doctor who is an expert on adult stem cells & CP is Dr. David Steenblock. You can get your questions answered by making a consultation appointment with him: 1-800-300-1063.